Estimated Timeline

Note: except for priming and painting I did most of this project working 1-2 days per week concurrent with other projects both both-related and otherwise. The estimated dates are based on timestamps in the photos I took. Unfortunately I did not keep track of actual days worked. I would roughly estimate this project at 35-40 working days including the repeated final coat but excluding construction and disassembly of the enclosure.

Stage Est. Completion Date
Remove previous paint and undercoat 9/6/2020
Filling and repairs 10/15/2020
Enclosure 10/30/2020
Barrier coat 11/6/2020
Application of fairing compound 11/13/2020
Fairing complete 4/10/2021
Touchup fairing 4/24/2021
Initial primer coat & pin hole repairs 5/8/2021
Primer application (3 coats) 5/15/2021
Touchup and repriming 5/28/2021
Topcoats 1-3 6/7/2021
Finish coat (1st attempt) 6/17/2021
Enclosure disassembly 6/25/2021
Finish coat (2nd attempt) 7/7/2021
Boot and cove stripes 5/19/2022

Materials and Equipment

Note: all product links in this section are for reference only. This is not necessarily where I purchased, I am not endorsing any distributor, I am not an affiliate and I don’t receive any commissions. You should shop around.


  • 442 Finish Primer. P4420/P4423 (white/gray for stripes) and C4427 (converter). A gallon of the white was more than enough for 3 coats on a 35’ hull with about 1/4 of a can left over.
  • R5015 Brush Reducer. Used for both the primer and topcoat and possibly cleaning brushes. A gallon was plenty.
  • 501 Topcoat. T9130/T6152 (off white/forest green for stripes) and C5012 (brush converter). A gallon of the off white was more than enough for 5 coats on a 35’ hull with about 1/3 of a can left over.
  • A5018 Rolling Additive
  • A9049 Wipe Down Solvent